The most dangerous and rare of the physical psychics are those whose powers manifest in the form of kinetic energy. Just as the Burster controls fire, the Zapper commands kinetic energy at a frightening magnitude. All Zappers enjoy total mastery over electricity and all forms of Telekinesis! According to witnesses, the power of the Zapper is even more sensational to behold than the pyrokinetic displays of the Burster. Just by concentrating, the Zapper character can surround himself with rippling electricity, shoot mega-damage lightening bolts, and drain energy from electronic devices. Very few of these Zapper psychics exist, with no more than a few thousand throughout North America, probably less. For some reason, they seem most common in the regions once known as the Canadian Empire and the northeastern portions of the American Empire. The Coalition Military and Psi-Battalion includes a surpris ingly large number of Zappers among them; so does Free Quebec. There are currently 92 on active duty at Chi-Town, 40 others scattered throughout the CS and another two dozen undergoing training.

Zapper Powers

Zappers have all electrokinetic powers (at double the normal range), the Mind Bleeder Brain Scan, Neural Touch, and Neural Strike abilities, Telekinesis (super), and all telekinetic powers (including the TK acceleration attack). (Character Zappers also get a few powers of the player's choice; NPCs do not.) This makes them formidable opponents for almost anything, being able to fry or blow holes in their enemies at will, while shielding their allies, deflecting incoming attacks, and absorb all energy attacks with half damage (excluding plasma weapons and non-electric magic).

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