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    September 5, 2010 by Browncoat Jayson

    Previously, I had created a blog for the Wiki on Blogger ( Since Wikia has this built in now, I am going to move these to this format.

    We have surpassed 140 articles, and have a few regular contributors. Thank you to everyone who had added content to the Rifts Wiki!

    Since this is the first post on the Wikia Blog, let's start off with the basics: DO NOT POST RPG RULE INFO. This means skill bonuses, stats, experience charts, MDC ratings, or even textual modifiers from an O.C.C. We are trying to adhere to Palladium's Internet Policy, and the more of this that gets added, the less likely they are to want us to continue. I have edited out everything I have found so far, but please try to keep the Wiki clear of them.


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