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Rifts® Underseas is a fabulous world as unique and expansive as any Rifts® Dimension Book™! Fans may be surprised at the scope of characters, abilities and adventure available to them, both undersea and on dry land.

Highlights Include:

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Rifts® Underseas™ begins with Mysteries of the Seas, some notes from the diaries of Erin Tarn, dated 79 PA. We are then introduced to the mysteries of the ocean, some basic information such as Ocean Depth Zones and diving depth limitations, notes about Magic Triangles, Ley Lines and Ley Line Storms, Shimmering Water and [{Dead Pool]]s.

Sea Monsters

The following Sea Monsters are noted in Underseas™:

Following this are creation tables for Gene-Splicer sea monsters, and potential Ley Line mutations.

The Lord of the Deep

This section describes a horrible Alien Intelligence who rests in the Marianas Trench and straddles both Rifts Earth and the Astral Plane. Its Reachers can reach up to 2000 miles to attack and enslave those in the world above. Victims, if they live, suffer horrible transformation from the beast, becoming terrible sea monsters!

The following minions of the Lord of the Deep are described:

The Cult of the Deep is also dedicated to the Lord of the Deep, and those loyal to him become Servants of the Deep. The Cult of the Deep is hunted by those that have heard the call of the Lord of the Deep, but resisted; these often become Sea Inquisitors, dedicated to destroying the monster and its minions.

Whale Singers

Many of the Lord of the Deep's victims were natural sea creatures, often fused into one being with humans or other creatures. Dozens of these hybrids, or pneuma-biforms were released into the wild to spread destruction. Instead, they formed a mystical undersea society.

The following new races are described:


Those that study the magic of the sea sometimes become Whale Singers. Although they can learn Ocean Magic, their most impressive abilities are the Spellsongs; ancient songs of the cetacean race (whales, dolphins and porpoises) that have magical properties. The following Spellsongs are known:

Ocean Magic

The Ocean Wizard and Sea Druid are the masters of Ocean Magic.

Cetacean Power Armor

The following power armor, designed for dolphins and orca, are described:


The floating city, Tritonia is described and fleshed out in these pages. In addition to its background and history, the following characters are described:

The weapons and equipment of Tritonia are also described:

Body Armor
Power Armor

The New Navy

Descendants of survivors from the Coming of the Rifts, the New Navy has battled the horrors of the deep for centuries. Now, under the command of Nemo-2, they are the self-appointed Defenders of Humankind. This section described the New Navy, its history and relationship with the world powers. The following character options are described:

The weapons and equipment of the New Navy are described:

Body Armor
Power Armor

The section ends with the impressive USS Ticonderoga and her sister subs, the mainstay of the New Navy fleet.

Human Info & Equipment

This section details some of the characters and equipment that are useful in Underseas™, beginning with the Salvage Expert O.C.C. and a list of generic ocean equipment.

Commercial Weapons
Body Armor
Power Armor


The Naut'Yll are alien aquatic invaders, natives of a planet called Yllera, which have become a bane to the Ocean dwellers. Slavers and cruel taskmasters, the Naut'Yll are also capable of blending magic and psionic power to manipulate Korallyte, which they work into powerful weapons, armor and tools. The following character options are included:

The weapons and equipment of the Naut'Yll are described:

Body Armor
Power Armor
Korallyte Shaping

The spells of korallyte shaping can be learned by students of Ocean Magic and [[Koral Shapers at normal ability, or by Ley Line Walkers, Mystics or Techno-Wizards, although only at half potency. The following Spells are included:

Level Four
Level Six

Horune Pirates

The Horune aliens appeared on Earth about 230 years ago, and became nomadic pirates, raiding and killing ever since. They are among the most brutal and savage D-Bees ever encountered. This section presents the Horune characters, as well as their weapons and technology.

Horune Characters

Atlantis Undersea

Along with a brief description of the abilities of various Splugorth minions underwater, this section includes the following:

Rune Weapons & Magic Items
Power Armor

Triax Underwater

With a few notes about secret NGR testing and continuing efforts in their war with the Gargoyle Empire, the Triax section adds the following items:

Underwater Bionics


The following new skills are included in Rifts Underseas:


Written By: Kevin Siembieda and C.J. Carella with additional concepts by Steve Sheiring, Kevin Long and Julius Rosenstein

Senior Editor:' Alex Marciniszyn Editors: James A. Osten, Kevin Kirsten, Julius Rosenstein

Cover Painting: John Zeleznik

Interior Art: Kevin Long, Vince Martin, Randy Post, Scott Johnson, Earl Geier, Scott Rosema, Kevin Siembieda

Typography: Maryann Siembieda, Mike O'Connor


The mini-torpedo tubes for the T-23 "Bottom Feeder" mini-sub usually have a payload of 4-6 torpedoes per tube. They may be assigned more or less depending upon the nature of their current mission.

-Miscellaneous Typos & Errata

The official errata for Rifts Underseas can be found here.


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