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Physically, True Atlanteans might be considered supermen. It appears that their one-time human physiology has adapted and mutated to accommodate their constant use of ley line energy, magic, and dimensional travel. They are physically stronger and larger, tend to be more intelligent, possess far greater resistance to disease, live longer, and are adept in the ways of magic. They have grown accustomed to the supernatural, the horrific and bizarre, so they are not prone to culture shock or emotional and psychological disorders, making them well suited for their chosen role as protectors of the Megaverse.

The aging process of Atlanteans has been retarded to such a degree that the average person lives to be about 500+ years old. In many cases, because of distortions in space and time caused by dimensional rifts, travel, stasis fields, and magic, Atlanteans skip entire decades, passing through the ages without participating in them. Remember, the passage of a few physical years for a dimensional traveler may be several hundreds or even thousands of years for those left behind in a different time continuum on a particular world. Thus a dimensional traveler may actually be a thousand years old even though he has lived and aged a mere fraction of those years. Time is relative to the dimensional traveler. Note: Among the True Atlanteans, approximately three percent are survivors from the original Atlantis. Most True Atlanteans are the descendants of the ancient humans, typically fourth and fifth generation. Elder Atlanteans are frequently the heads of clans.

Most of these strong willed people exude an air of superiority, strength, confidence, incredible conviction, and bullish determination. When an Atlantean believes he is right and cannot get others to agree with him, he will often run off to implement the scheme on his own. Likewise, True Atlanteans tend to be incredibly noble, courageous, generous, sincere, honorable, trustworthy, and dedicated to life, love, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. However, an evil or self serving Atlantean is every bit as determined, strong, cunning, vengeful, and steadfast in his diabolical ways.


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Notable Members

  • Sir Galahad - Rifts Englend
  • Prince Onra Misvina - Arzno Vampire Incursion


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