After a time uncounted, mankind secures some footholds in the world. (Rifts, starting p.137)

In the Americas, the military government that emerged was the Coalition States (Rifts p.140). Based in a giant city fortress built on the bones of old Chicago, Chi-Town (pronounced Shy-Town, after the nickname of the old city of Chicago) became the safe haven of humans in old United States. The Coalition is Pro-human and anti-magic.

Also in the old United States is the Federation of Magic (Rifts p.148). In the Ohio valley sits a city that embraces magic, and is filled with Necromancers which puts it at odds with the neighboring Coalition States.

Free Quebec (Rifts p.149) is the Coalition States refuge for humans in old Canada.

In old Toronto, Canada lies New Lazlo (Rifts p.149), a free city that embraces magic and non-humans and is the birthplace of Techno-Wizardry.

England, Wales and Scotland (Rifts p.152, 153) have had their cities destroyed as well, to be replaced by societies of magic and Druidism.

China (Rifts p.152) is a land besieged by mystical energies and demons.the human population is shattered and losing ground every day.

Japan (Rifts p.152) was hit by tidal waves, monsoons, volcanoes and demons. Today it is a land of tiny islands.

Egypt (Rifts p.152) is a place of magic, with Ley Lines and Nexus Points often marked by pyramids from ancient times. It is said there is a major Nexus Point in Egypt.

Africa (Rifts p.152) is a continent of darkness, tribal living and shamans fighting demons and monsters from the Rifts.

South America (Rifts p.152) has been reshaped by rising ocean levels and the engorging of the Amazon river. It is a land of islands, with Argentina being the notable city of mankind and high technology, such as Glitter boys, Juicers, Crazies and older pre-rifts military technology.

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