The third book in the Chi-Town 'Burbs series.

Official summary

Rifts® Adventure Sourcebook 3: The Black Vault™ For generations it has been rumored the Coalition States maintains a Top Secret facility where it locks away and stores all the magic weapons and items it confiscates from adventurers and mages. The CS, of course, denies these rumors, but they are true. And the truth is revealed for the first time in this epic sourcebook packed with secrets and magic items. Do your characters dare to rob the Black Vault? The Legend of the Black Vault. The Coalition's Campaign Against Magic. Coalition Anti-Magic Squads. The Black Vault, its defenses and its inventory of magic items. 101 Magic Items - each "item" (79 of them) is described in detail. The last 22 items are magic potions with the effects of magic spells. Written by Kevin Siembieda. 48 pages - Cat. No. 855.

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