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Rifts® Anthology – Tales of the Chi-Town ‘Burbs™ Cover

Tales of the Chi-Town ‘Burbs™


Trade paperback size collection of short stories by Kevin Siembieda and a host of known Palladium writers.

Each story shows what it’s like to live in the shadowy no-man’s-land of the Chi-Town ‘Burbs. A collection of hopeful people waiting for admission into one of the fortified city havens of the Coalition States, and the people who prey upon them. The Chi-Town ‘Burbs are the most famous of these tent cities that officially don’t exist, and therefore have no formal government or laws. Refugees, D-Bees, fugitives, and outlaws of every stripe make their home in the ‘Burbs, or visit to sell their wares or get a little R&R.

These are just some the stories that provide adventure and insight into the world of Rifts®.

  • Trade paperback size (6 x 9 inches).
  • Stories by Kevin Siembieda, Jason Marker, Braden Campbell, Carl Gleba, Jeffry Scott Hansen, Josh Sinsapaugh, Brandon Aten, Taylor White and other fan favorite, Palladium authors.
  • 224 pages – Cat. No. 304.
  • May be the first of a series of new Rifts® anthology books and novels.

Description and cover art from Palladium Books Web site, copyright 2008 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved. Rifts®, Megaverse® and Palladium Books® are registered trademarks of Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. All other titles and names are trademarks of Palladium Books.


"Short Story Title", by Braden Campbell

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"Short Story Title", by Carl Gleba

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Jeffry Scott Hansen

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Josh Hilden

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Jason Marker

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Mark Oberle

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by John C. Philpott

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Jason Richards

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Kevin Siembieda

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Josh Sinsapaugh

Coming Soon

"Short Story Title", by Taylor White

Coming Soon


Dramatis Personae

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Organizations and businesses

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Vehicles and vessels

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Weapons and technology

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Edited by: Coming Soon


Cover Painting: Chi-Town skyline, by John Zeleznik. This artwork is available as a poster from Palladium Books.


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