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Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer

Colt the Outlander™


In Stormbringer, Colt the Outlander must join forces with a Juicer as he battles a Splugorth Slaver.

Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer preview page is from the Heavy Metal Web site, copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Rifts®, Megaverse® and Palladium Books® are registered trademarks of Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. Colt the Outlander and all related characters are trademarks of Aradio Brothers. Heavy Metal® is a registered trademark of Heavy Metal Magazine.

Colt the Outlander has been a regular feature in Heavy Metal Magazine since 2001, where it debuted in Volume 15, Number 3 (Fall 2001 issue).

Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer

Created by Aradio Brothers
Illustration and Design: RC Aradio
Story: Aradio Brothers: RC & Dominic Aradio Jr. with Dante Giovanni


Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer is a crossover comic spanning 'Heavy Metal Volume 34, Number 6 (September 2010) and the November 2011 issue.

There was a mistake saying that the november 2010 issue contained the second part but it was wrong.

Volume 34, Number 6

A Juicer, suffering from the last stages of Last Call, seeks vengeance on a Splugorth Slaver who killed his wife and daughter. He has damaged it, but during a battle a Rift opened to Neb Six, casting him through.

On the far side, an unnatural storm has gathered, engulfing Colt, Jenna and Brem as they ride through the Outland on their hovercycles. Believing they are under attack from the Juicer, they draw their weapons. Instead, he explains that "hell is coming" and that they must join together to defeat it.

The Rift flares as the Splugorth Slaver Barge crosses, along with its Altaran assassins and Eyes of Eylor drones.

The battle begins.

Heavy Metal Catalog

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Volume 34, Number 7

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Colt Tech Sheets

A Colt Tech Sheet for the Juicer is included in Volume 34, Number 6. On this sheet, the Juicer's name is Walker T. Callahan, and is displays his Drug Injection Harness, Combat Gauntlets, Plasma Blasters (Short Range), Combat Vibro-Blade, Mega Combat Armor and Utility Belt.


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Under construction

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