Nightbane® World Book 4: Shadows of Light

Nightbane® World Book Four



The Nightlords' hold over the Earth tightens, but other forces of evil and darkness lurk int he shadows waiting to usurp their power and claim the Earth for themselves. Meanwhile, the Nightbane, Noctures, Lightbringers and new champions of light continue to oppose the Nightlords and all shades of evil.

The setting is the city of Pittsburgh, but all the new character classes, heroes, monsters, powers and even the situations are suitable for use anywhere in the world.

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Shadows of Light advances the timeline of the Nightbane setting into 2006, introduces new character types (both good and evil) to the fight, and provides a new beachfront in the war: Pittsburgh.

The book begins by taking a look at Horror Factor, and how to use it in the Nightbane setting.

The World After Dark, 2006

This section provides background information about the last year in the Nightbane setting. It includes several excerpts from The Wanderer Diaries. It reveals the history of the Wars of Light and Darkness and the goals of the Athanatos.

The Athanatos

The Hosts and Paths of the Athanatos are discussed, and the following Atanatos character classes are provided:

Athanatos Hosts (R.C.C.s)
Obscuruphim Paths (O.C.C.s)
Luciphim Paths (O.C.C.s)

Shadows of Tophet

This section described the Astral Realm of Shadows, that holds the Mircalla. It also describes some of the horrors waiting there, and that prey on Earth as well.


The astral domain of Tartarus is described and mapped, as is its lord Belial.

The Nocturnes

The Noctures faction is described, including the legend of its founder Iosef Pendragon. The Noctures are seekers of lore, and maintain collections that match those of the Seekers. Nocturne Librarians can be bookstore owners, computer nerds or Shadowboard hackers, but each can aid in the search for knowledge.

Three new skills are included (early in the book), that provide information about the Nocturnes and other factions:

Technical Skills
Rogue/Espionage Skills

Additional information on Nocturne membership, leadership, and their current operations.

The Lightbringers

The Lightbringers Organization is discussed, including initiation, membership, outcasts (the Fallen), and their operations in the Astral Plane. Additionally, information about the Void Ships is included.

The Pandora Project

Under construction


Pandora Project Psychic P.C.C.s
Other O.C.C.s
Other R.C.C.s


Under construction

Pittsburgh After Dark

Under construction

The Cipher Manuscript

Under construction


Written by: Jason Vey, based on and inspired by the works of C.J. Carella, Kevin Hassall and Kevin Siembieda, with additional text and concepts by Kevin Siembieda

Edited by: Alex Marciniszyn, Wayne Smith, Kevin Siembieda, proofread by Julius Rosenstein

Cover Painting: Scott Johnson

Interior Art: Wayne Breaux Jr., Kent Burles, Ryan Csaszar, Mark Dudley, Mike Majestic, Ramon Perez, Freddie Williams II, Ka Xiong

Typography: Wayne Smith

Maps: Jason Vey



Errata of Nightbane® World Book 4: Shadows of Light.



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Using Nightbane® World Book 4: Shadows of Light in Rifts

The rules for Horror Factor can easily be applied to Rifts. The additional effects of failing a Horror Factor check by a wide margin make for great natural reactions. The skills presented in this book are designed more for Nightbane, but if you use Nightbane factions and/or secret societies from the Nightbane or Beyond the Supernatural settings, these are quite good additions.

The Athanatos are no more problematic for inclusion in Rifts than the Nightbane, and full notes for using them in a M.D.C. setting are included. The other races and classes can also be included with little change necessary. The Strigoi vampires, in particular, make an interesting option for those who prefer alternative vampiric abilities; they are not harmed by running water and have the ability to teleport short distances, and instead are vulnerable to fire and salt. They also possess a plague ability which creates zombies from those it kills; this would make an interesting way to utilize Dead Reign zombies, alternative vampire powers, and their faction into a new campaign.

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