The Rifter #17 Cover


Chaos Earth™ starts here! A new stand-alone RPG that presents the Coming of the Rifts, and the collapse of human civilization that brings about the Second Dark Age that creates Rifts Earth 300 years later. This is the start of something more that a Rifts® prequel. It will be a complete game in and of itself. An age of chaos and survival, with its own set of heroes, villains and challenges.

  • Questions and Answers.
  • New insight to the Thropo aliens for Heroes Unlimited™.
  • A new setting for Nightbane® and Beyond the Supernatural™.
  • An entire new city setting for The Palladium Fantasy RPG®.
  • Two Rifts® adventures.
  • More Blood Magic, and the new Dweomer Magic.
  • The exciting conclusion of the Rifts® story One Chance in a Million.
  • The next chapter in the Rifts® serial, The Hammer of the Forge.
  • Palladium News & Coming Attractions and more.
  • 112 pages of fun!
  • Cat. No. 117

Description and cover art from Palladium Books Web site, copyright ???? Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved. Rifts®, Megaverse® and Palladium Books® are registered trademarks of Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. All other titles and names are trademarks of Palladium Books.


Contents of Rifter 17.


Cover Painting:

Interior Art:


Errata of Rifter 17.


  • List of Reviews of Rifter 17.
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