The Psi-Slinger is a latent psychicwith the ability of sixth sense and the ability to power his or her weapons with nothing more than psychic energy! These men and women are much like the typical Gunslinger but tend to be much cockier and ore flamboyant. Psi-Slingers generally stay to the cities and tend to participate in many of the contests involving firearms such as the  typical western showdown. With their sixth sense and other psioni powers, they are good at what they do.

Many scientists believe the Psi-Slinger is a mutation or variation of the Burster. They are usually  humans (80%) or Psi-Stalkers (20%) with the power to create and manipulate energy. Most speculate that the psychic somehow melds telekinesis and the manifestation of energy, but nobody knows for certain. Psi-Slingers, whatever they are, have only appeared on the scene in the last decade (the first appearance was in April of 95 P.A.). These energy generating beings are less common than Bursters and about on par with Mind Melters, which suggests they are master psionics. For one reason or another, Psi-slingerrs are most common in the New West. Perhaps they are mutants originating in the West, or perhaps they are drawn to the west because it is a place where they can best ply their expretise and powers. One popular rumor suggests they are the hit men and enforcers of the mythical Psyscape, although most Psi-Slingers (99%) deny this and claim they don't know the location to this legendary refuge to psychics.

Except for their unique powers, Psi-Slingers are fundamentally Gunslingers, with the same profession, outlook, and ethics. However, Psi-Slinger are generally considered superior.

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