General Description

"Do you tink we 'ave lost 'im Claude? " asked Bud in a stage

whisper from his perch atop a small boulder. There was no answer.

Claude silently studied the valley through infrared binoculars

for several minutes before finally answering.

"I tink we cannot outrun dis ting. We wait 'ere an when it arrives,

we attack. Okay wit you, Bud?"

"Is that okay? "

There was no answer. Claude turned to see Bud clutching his

head. Gasping in pain, the big Juicer fell to one knee. Dropping

his laser rifle and IR binocs, Claude rushed to his brother.

"Mon Dieu! What is wrong, Bud!? Are you OK? "

With all the speed of his heightened reflexes, Bud suddenly

leaped to his feet. In a move too fast to dodge, the muscle-bound

Juicer grabbed Claude around the neck and picked him off the


A smile spread across Bud's broad face.

"Johnny Timmins sends his regards," he said in a voice not

his own.

"He says to wait for him in hell, Claude!" With that. Bud's

other hand plunged a Vibro-Knife into the soft crease of his

brother's Plastic Man body armor — he could have strangled

him or snapped his neck, but why take chances? Bud and

Claude had given him too much trouble as it was.

Claude's dead body dropped to the ground as Bud bellowed

in horror, tears streaming from his eyes. There had always been

a certain amount of bad blood between them, but they had

patched things up in the last two years. They were friends now

... weren V they? How could he have let this happen? How!?

Jean "the Rattler" Raneau staggered out from behind the

rocks where Bud had been sitting, still a bit woozy from having

Mentally Possessed the Juicer and been thrown out at the moment

of murder. The sudden return of Jean's psychic essence to

his own body left the assassin's head ringing.

"Don't feel too badly ... Buddy Boy. You gave me a fight. In

fact, you kicked me right outta your head when I... I mean ...

you were going to stab him. Unfortunately, all that Juicer speed

and reflexes and all, I had him gutted before you could stop


The Rattler knew Bud would be hurling that Vibro-Blade, but

it struck and bounced off his Psychic Body Field before he knew

what hit him. A split second later, Bud was pulling his ion pistol

and a plasma rifle, one in each hand. The assassin threw Bio-

Manipulation blind, followed by stun, and the Juicer still winged

him with a plasma blast — punched through the Body Field and

charred the armor on his right shoulder. Thankfully, the other

shots missed. Bud was obviously blinded by the one attack, and

must have shrugged off the mental stun. If not, he didn 't show it.

Somehow the Rattler was always surprised by just how tough

Juicers always were ... and how these walking deadmen never

wanted to give up the ghost and die without a battle.

After dodging some more wild blasts, the Rattler finally put

the Juicer down with a well placed shot from his laser rifle.

"Pure genius," the Rattler thought to himself as he picked

Claude's and Bud's bodies clean of valuables. The Juicer would

have been harder to kill if he hadn 't been emotionally torn up by

the murder of his brother by his own hands. That made him

much easier to "take down." The murderous vulture stuffed his

bag with the dead men's possessions and smiled to himself. "A

good haul," he thought, "this loot" would get him another 15-

20,000 credits back at the Old Bones where his paycheck was

waiting. "Yep, bounty hunting could be very lucrative at times.

And the CS spies always paid so promptly." — A moment in the life of the Jean Raneau, Psi-Slayer

Psi-Slayers, also known as Psi-Killers and Psi-Assassins, are

human master psychics who use their incredible psychic abilities

to make a living as spies, bounty hunters and assassins.

Most are recruited at an early age and trained in the arts of hunting

humanoids and murder by elite and secret Psi-Slayer guilds.

These assassins' guilds help to shape the untrained and still malleable

psychic's mind into a killing machine. Thus, instead of

becoming a Mind Melter, the young psychic becomes a Psi-

Slayer, whose focus and orientation is hunting and killing humarioid

prey. To this end, these psychic assassins are incredibly

skilled and among the best in the world, arguably second only to

the Sunaj Assassins, although most Psi-Slayers would kill the

man who would be so bold as to suggest it. These characters

have more in common with supernatural predators than with fellow

human psychics. They are taught to love the hunt and enjoy

killing to the point that it becomes their sole purpose in life. The

Guild Leaders claim their Psi-Slayers are the ultimate evolution

of the human predator: instinctual, fearless, shark-like killing

machines whose nature demands they hunt and kill with the

same ruthless determination as any supernatural monster from

beyond the Rifts. Best of all, they specialize in killing other psychics,

even Mind Melters and psionic demons.

Most civilized folks see Psi-Slayers as inherently evil monsters

who kill for sheer pleasure. It is true that these psychics

thoroughly enjoy killing sentient life forms (the more challenging

the better), and most are indeed self-serving or evil. However,

not all are murderous monsters. Some fight on the side of

good and serve as lawmen, heroes and military leaders. Sadly,

these warriors are in the minority and their heroics are greatly

overshadowed by their evil counterparts. Furthermore, it is no

secret that even good Psi-Slayers must fight the urge to hunt and

kill, especially when provoked or a situation screams for vengeance.

It is said that "vengeance" is the middle name of every Psi-

Slayer, good, selfish, or evil. That no Psi-Slayer can resist the

cry for vengeance, and some have gone so far as to claim they

are the wrath of god ... or the devil, whichever the case may be.

It is said that only death can stay the vengeful hand of a Psi-

Slayer. When a Psi-Slayer gives vent to his terrible wrath the

outcome always ends in bloodshed; if not his own, those of everybody

who gets in his way. Even when a Psi-Slayer is killed

before he can extract his revenge, he will take several people to

the grave with him. Many are tales of one or two Psi-Slayers

taking on an entire town or criminal cartel. Or of a Psi-Slayer

and a small group of adventurers/friends taking on incredible

odds and often living to tell the tale. Even when these heroes

fight for a good cause, they are frightening to behold in their

grim resolve and relentless pursuit — cold, merciless, and devastating.

Similar to the Psi-Stalker, these psychics do not need to consume

normal food but feed on the potential psychic energy

(P.P.E.) of their victims. Although the Psi-Slayer gets a little bit

of nourishment from real food and water. Although they can

drain a portion of the P.P.E. from their prey, leaving them alive,

like the Psi-Stalker, most Psi-Slayers get such a gruesome thrill

from killing and gorging themselves on the glut of P.P.E. at the

moment of death, that they prefer to kill their opponents. Besides,

a dead man is just one less enemy to worry about.

The Psi-Slayer is a very dangerous individual. Not only does

he possess ruthless predatory instincts and potent psionic abilities,

the character also has the intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness

of the human mind. This deadly amalgamation

places them among the ranks of Archmages (high level sorcerers),

Mind Melters, Juicers, 'Borgs, and Gunslingers as the most

dangerous humans alive. Humans who do not have to rely on

high-technology and gadgets to hunt and kill, but their own inner

strength and mental powers. Thankfully, Psi-Slayers are

relatively rare, about one third the number of Mind Melters.

The majority of Psi-Slayers are "uncivilized," meaning that

they reject a settled life in the big cities and prefer to live a life

of adventure, typically as a drifter in wilderness areas. They are

especially numerous in the Magic Zone, in and around Tolkeen,

Free Quebec, the Great Lakes and Pecos Empire. Many (about

20%) are also attracted to the New West. Psi-Slayers tend to

gravitate to places where Juicers, gunmen, enforcers and assassins

can find opportunities, employment and challenges. Theymodem

weapons, magic and Techno-Wizard devices. Ultimately,

they use whatever will get the job done. As psychic mercenaries

with a need for action and blood, they will often take low paying

jobs for an opportunity to hunt and kill with the sanction of the

local authorities, for the challenge, to settle an old score, just for

the fun of it, or just to keep busy.

Often associate with other psychics, mercenaries, 'Borgs, Juicers,

Crazies, Brodkil, rogue Dog Boys, Psi-Stalkers and Simvan;

the last three being among their favorite associates. They see

Gunslingers, Psi-Slingers, Mind Bleeders, Sunaj Assassins, True

Atlanteans, Indian Spirit Warriors, Indian Mystic Warriors,

Cyber-Knights, Crazies and Juicers as fun competition but potentially

dangerous rivals and adversaries. Practitioners of

magic and dragon hatchlings are considered powerhouses, but

most are soft and vulnerable if one knows how to handle them.

Nega-Psychics and Nullifiers just require some physical manhandling;

the same is true of most Indian Shamans. Psi-Ghosts

are respected for their stealth and cunning, but generally regarded

as sissified city slickers and sneaks who can't last in a

sustained fight. Most lesser demons and sub-demons are predictable,

straightforward combatants, easy to trick and confuse,

while greater demons are more of a challenge, along the same

lines as a Juicer, but should still be "a victim waiting to happen."

Xiticix are just big bugs who are easiest to pick off one at

a time; divide and conquer. Most others aren't worth worrying

about. It is said the only beings the Psi-Slayer truly respects

(and fears) are experienced True Atlantean Tattooed Men, Mind

Melters, Temporal Raiders, and shapechangers, including

Changelings and adult dragons — they absolutely loathe


The 'Burbs and wild towns that cater to Juicers, gunfighters

and mercenaries also appeal to Psi-Slayers, mainly because they

offer challenges, fun and opportunities. Yet even these characters

are not likely to set down any permanent roots, and will

eventually move on to the next rough and tumble town. It may

take weeks, months or years, but sooner or later the Psi-Slayer

gets restless and moves on. Most Psi-Slayers, even those operating

in cities or who hire themselves out as spies and Special

Forces, usually avoid attachments to people and places and

don't get involved in politics, religion or high ideals.

As consummate professionals, they do not rely exclusively

on their psychic abilities. Most are trained in the arts of physical

combat and use a combination of ancient melee weapons, but they will use whatever they need to get the job done.


Rifts®: PsyscapeTM

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