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The Nullifier is a human Master Psionic or Psi-Stalker whose mental "reactive" powers have developed to provide a remarkable defense against psionics and magic. From an early age, the Nullifier has the ability to erect a barrier of mental energy that renders the character virtually immune to mind-altering psionic powers, along with the ability to interfere with and negate them. Furthermore, this defense mechanism can interfere with the mental powers of other psychics and, to a lesser degree, the powers of magic practitioners.

This ability is involuntary, for the most part, and occurs as a natural reaction to the presence of powerful mystical or mental forces. In essence, the character is a living battery of negative energy that can disrupt psionics or magic in close proximity. This makes the Nullifier character a powerful force in the psionic and mage-rich environment of Rifts Earth.

Few Psi-Stalkers become Nullifiers (0.5%; roughly one in two-hundred) and fewer still, among humans (among master psionics, only one in a thousand will be a Nullifier). Those who do possess such abilities are typically exposed to powerful magic and/or psionics or supernatural forces during childhood or early adolescence. An event that forever changes them. Like the Nega-Psychic, these characters believe in psionic powers, magic and the supernatural, but are so determined to resist and battle evil beings with these powers, that they actually develop mental defenses against them. Some rogue scientists have wondered it it is not a form of adaptation of some humans and Psi-Stalkers to their magic and psionic rich environment.

The Coalition States, spearheaded by the powers at Chi-Town (and in the past, Free Quebec), recognize the invaluable power and defenses a Nullifier provides and has developed an experimental (and some say inhumane) regime of rigorous training designed to shape young reactive psychics into Nullifiers. The program has a frighteningly high success rate in producing Nullifiers; approximately 72% of all inductees into the program become Nullifiers. Of the remaining 28%, half are driven insane, while the other half usually become some other type of Master Psionic, typically Bursters, Zappers or Psi-Slayers; 1.5% become Mind Melters. Approximately 320 experienced Nullifiers (levels 4-7) currently serve in a Psi-Battalion headquartered at Chi-Town, with another 80 in the ISS and about 160 in active duty at other Coalition States. Most serve in special branches of the CS Military as anti-psychic and anti-supernatural specialists, as well as fugitive retrieval specialists, spies and espionage agents.

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Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape

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