The Pecos Empire is an "empire" in name only. The Pecos Empire is, in reality, a very loose knit organization of various petty kindoms, villages, and roving bands of raiders. While there is no one central leader or cohesive government of any kind, most of these independents will defer to the might of Sabre Lasar, leader of the largest and most powerful gang. In fact, it was Warlord Lasar who proclaimed himself emperor and coined the name "Pecos Empire". And while there is much talk about one large united force, the various gangs have routine in fighting when not fighting each other. The Pecos only unites when a significant enough threat threatens the bulk of them. When this occurs, a Central War Chief is selected from the various warlords who acts as a sort of temporary commander in chief, which generally only lasts until the threat is neutralized.

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