The Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game® Second Edition Cover

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A complete role-playing game set in a unique realm of high fantasy and epic adventure that has thrilled fans for decades. All the fantasy elements you’d expect are there, but spun in ways that you may not expect. Magic has replaced science. The elder races of Dwarves, Elves and Titans have given way to the rise of humanity and the Wolfen Empire. Meanwhile the monster races – Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and Trolls – lay claim to the Old Kingdom, from which they launch their pillaging raids. And that’s just the beginning.

  • 13 different races available to player characters, from human to Wolfen, Changeling, Elf, Dwarf, Ogre, Troll, Goblin, and many others.
  • 25 Occupational Character Classes to select from.
  • Magic unlike any you’ve ever seen before.
  • 300+ Wizard and Warlock spells.
  • 80+ psionic powers.
  • 40 magic items plus magic potions, powders and fumes.
  • 20 Curses and magical Faerie Foods.
  • The Summoner and the circles of power and summoning at his command.
  • The Diabolist and his Runes, Wards and Power Words.
  • The Mind Mage, Psi-Mystic, Psi-Healer and Psi-Sensitive.
  • Poisons, herbs, potions and magic components.
  • Men at arms with punch and power.
  • Holy Swords and Rune Weapons.
  • 100,000 years of history.
  • A complete game with all the rules you need to play (additional sourcebooks, characters, abilities and settings optional).
  • 336 pages – Cat. No. 450.

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Rules and Game Information

A large section of the Palladium Fantasy book is dedicated to the rules for running the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game. These pages contains all of the rules for creating a character, learning and using skills, dealing with insanity, combat, psychic and magical rules, and general information about running a role-playing game.

While the Rifts Wiki does not describe rules for role-playing, descriptions of skills and abilities can be found on the following pages:



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Using Palladium Fantasy in Rifts

Rifts® Conversion Book One contains conversions for many of the items found in the Palladium Fantasy RPG. The Palladium Book of Monsters & Animals™, Dragons & Gods™ and the Rifts® Book of Magic™ contain the other necessary conversion systems. Some of the Palladium Fantasy books, if they use the second edition rules, include additional conversion notes.

Non-Rifts Sourcebooks
Palladium Fantasy
The Palladium Role-Playing Game
Palladium Book of Monsters & Animals™
Dragons & Gods™
The Arms of Nargash-Tor
PFRPG Book 2: Old Ones
PFRPG Book 3: Adventures on the High Seas
PFRPG Book 4: Adventures in the Northern Wilderness
PFRPG Book 5: "Further" Adventures in the Northern Wilderness
PFRPG Book 6: Island at the Edge of the World
PFRPG Book 7: Yin-Sloth Jungles
PFRPG Book 8: The Western Empire
PFRPG Book 9: The Baalgor Wastelands
PFRPG Book 10: Mount Nimro: Kingdom of Giants
PFRPG Book 11: The Eastern Territory
PFRPG Book 12: Library of Bletherad
PFRPG Book 13: Northern Hinterlands
Land of the Damned 1: Chaos Lands
Land of the Damned 2: Eternal Torment
Land of the Damned 3: The Bleakness™
Wolfen Empire Adventure Sourcebook
Mysteries of Magic series:
Mysteries of Magic™ Book 1: The Heart of Magic™
Mysteries of Magic™ Book 2: Dark Magicks™
Mysteries of Magic™ Book 3