Occupational Character Classes (or O.C.C.s) are exactly what they seem, occupations that the character maintains. In general, otherwise normal characters are defined by their chosen profession. Many O.C.C.s include special training, skills, or abilities that differentiate them from one another. Because of the prevalence of magic on Rifts Earth, O.C.C.s are not differentiated into Psychic Character Classes (P.C.C.s) for those with special powers, magic or psionic abilities, as they are in other games in the Palladium Megaverse.

Occupational Character Classes

Adventurers & Scholars
Men at Arms
Practitioners of Magic

Non-Rifts Occupational Character Classes

The following optional O.C.C.s originate outside of the Rifts books, but can be included at the Game Master's discretion.

Chaos Earth Occupational Character Classes
Other Occupational Character Classes

Psychic Character Classes

Psychic Character Classes (P.C.C.s) are present in many settings of the Palladium Megaverse, such as Beyond the Supernatural™ and Ninjas & Superspies. These are O.C.C.s in which the character possesses some supernatural ability, such as magical aptitude or psionic talent, but otherwise remains a normal human. For Rifts, this generally means that any race that does not have a specific R.C.C., but can possess the required magic or psionic abilities, can choose to select a P.C.C. rather than an O.C.C. In addition to the Men of Magic and Psychic character classes above, the following P.C.C.s originate outside of the Rifts books, but can be included at the Game Master's discretion.

Psychic Character Classes

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