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The Nightbane® setting features heroes who must transform into monsters to use their supernatural powers. They are the “bane of night” and the natural enemies of the Nightlords who seek to exterminate the Nightbane wherever they are found. This is a guide to help the Nightbane survive in a world of conspiracy, dark forces and monstrous invaders from the Nightlands. Invaders who have secretly taken over the governments of the world.

  • Surviving the Hidden War; strategies and tactics.
  • The life of a Nightbane.
  • Creating Contacts, Creating Factions & Faction Recruiting.
  • New factions and secret societies.
  • New Nightbane Morphus Tables and new Talents.
  • New Nightbane Creation Guideline Tables by education & background.
  • New Nightbane history, psychology and more.
  • Adventure ideas and world information.
  • Art by Stephen L. Fox and others.
  • Written by Mark Oberle and Irvin Jackson.
  • 160 pages – Cat. No. 735.

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Nightbane® Survival Guide