Ley Lines

Ley Line concept

All over the world, the Rfts Worldbooks give a much better description of the concept of ley lines
Increases the powers of mages immensely, and can also slightly buff the abilities of psychics

Ley Lines are the source of all magic in the Rifts® Megaverse. They are lines of pure magical energy that mages can use to great effect. The point where two or more cross is called a nexus. They were originally drained of magic, but, since the Great Cataclysm (and the possible cause of it), they have been charged with massive amounts of magic energy. This energy came from the intrinsic amount of magic energy inside living creature, i.e: souls, that was released when they died. The radiating magic energy is now used by Mages to power their abilities. An interesting fact is that psychics, while not totally dependent on ley lines, receive a small buff when they are within one mile (1.6 km) of one, and a larger buff when within one mile of a nexus. Erin Tarn has done a large study of ley lines, recounted in her book, The Recollections of Erin Tarn. Excerpts from this book can be found in the Rifts Worldbooks, especially in Rifts®: Ultimate Edition.

Theories of the Great Cataclysm

Ley Line Theory

As proposed by Erin Tarn in her book, The Recollections of Erin Tarn, one common theory for the origin of the Great Cataclysm was the Ley Line Theory, or the Ley Line-Volcano Theory. In this theory, the Cataclysm originated when all of the ley lines of the world were suddenly and mysteriously supercharged with a massive amount of energy, too big for them to contain, and erupted in a volcano-like fashion all over the world. This caused innumerable deaths, and the magical energy released in these deaths continued the process. Eventually, the aftershocks ceased, but the effects remained: Earth was and would be forevermore a completely different place. There are a number of critiques of this theory, mostly critiquing the question left behind, "What charged the ley lines in the first place?" However, this theory is one of the most widely-held theories of the origins of the Great Cataclysm, mostly because it doesn't involve unfounded and wild speculation, such as massive geographical changes that haven't yet been documented.

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Sources: Rifts®: Ultimate EditionTM

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