The Justice Rangers are similar to the Texas rangers of old they bring justice to the far flung towns of the new west . Most are good or aberant alignments and live by the cowboy code rarley turning their back on the ones that need them. However it is there commitment to the "average" person that seperates them from other traveling law men. Justice rangers act openly and boldly in the face of injsutice and seem to have a particular vendetta against supernatural evil. Some even go as fare as treating inhuman looking DB's harsher than others. Some say they may be desended from the PreRifts canadian mounties as they also opperate up north near the old canadian empire and becasue the have the creed "Justice Rangers always get their man come hell or high water." however it is more likley they just adopted the old saying as their own. They are somtimes know for their brutalness in hunting the law breakers some of these fellens have killed themselves rather than suffer the "Vengance of the innocent". Justice rangers have been know to show little mercy to their captives and have brought the "Fear of God." into many. This can be a blessing as well as a curse since many law breakers will decide against their actions when these rangers are around. While there are extreme cases most rangers are just your average joe trying to make his world just a little safer. The amount of rangers is estimated between 1000 and 2000 they are currently regrowing from a large campaign they launched against the creatures fo the Calgary rift 50 years ago and their battles against the Xiticix. A justice ranger is made when a father or mentor passes the roll on to another generation as has been the way fsicne the begining fo the organizations 70+ year existance.

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