Heavy Metal Vol 34 No 6 Cover


Heavy Metal is an American science fiction and fantasy comics magazine, known primarily for its blend of dark fantasy/science fiction and erotica.

Description from Wikipedia. Visit the Heavy Metal article on Wikipedia for more information.

Cover art from the Heavy Metal Web site, copyright 2010 Heavy Metal Magazine. All rights reserved. Rifts®, Megaverse® and Palladium Books® are registered trademarks of Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. Colt the Outlander and all related characters are trademarks of Aradio Brothers. Heavy Metal® is a registered trademark of Heavy Metal Magazine. All other titles and names are trademarks of their owners.

Volume 34, Number 6, for September 2010, is the first non-Palladium periodical to feature Palladium Books crossover content. This issue, as well as it's [|Heavy_Metal_34_No_7|sequel]] includes the crossover comic, Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer, featuring Rifts characters crossing into the world of Colt and his team.

Publisher and Editor in Chief: Kevin Eastman
Vice President and Executive Director: Howard Jurofsky
Managing Editor: Debra Yanover
Customer Service Manager: Fiona Russell
Designers: Andrij Borys Associates
Assistant to Publisher: Pam Arvanetes
Translators: Jerome Eyquem, Miguel Guerra, Michael Giordani, Jacinthe Leclerc
Web Development: Right Angle, Inc.
Warehouse Manager: John Martin

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This issue of Heavy Metal is dedicated in memory of Frank Frazetta (1928-2010) and Carl Macek (1951-2010).

Cover Painting: Succubus by Simon Bisley

Featured Art: Mother Winter, by Jose Gabriel

Back Cover: Ice Faeires, by J.K. Woodward


by S.C. Riggenberg

Death of an Art Legend: Frank Frazetta, R.I.P.


on Andrew "Bones" Jones

Featuring nine of Bones' prints, including The All American Martian Diner, Weird Dreams and Port Coastguard.

Tarot Cards

by Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo and David Palumbo

The Eight of Wands, Justice and Transcendance.

The Sun Will Die Blind

by Jerome Eyquem

An interesting phychological journey into an "enlightened" mind.

Contains minor nudity.

Fluorescent Black: Part 3

Writer: M.F. Wilson
Artist: Nathan Fox
Colors: Jeromy Cox
Letters: Sean Konot
Editor: Justin Robinson

The conclusion of the Fluorescent Black saga, continuing from the previous two issues.

Contains strong violence and adult situations.

The Woodsman and the Dryads

Writer: Abraham Martinez
Artist: Adrian Montoya Pina
Colors: Vinicius Atanazio
Letters: Jaime Martinez

A "cautionary tale" of dealing with the spirits of the woods, and the repercussions of nature's wrath.

Contains violence and nudity.

Joe in the Future

Story: Horatio Weisfeld
Artist: Floyd Hughes
Layouts: Peter Koch

A short story set in a dark future, where a man narrowly avoids the destruction around him.

Off the Deep End

Creator and Writer: Chuck Wagner
Artist and Colorist: Irapuan Luiz
Colorist and Letterer: Tom Luth
Letterer: Michelle Fiorucci
Production and Design Services: About Comics

When a cruise liner is saved from pirates by a mysterious submarine crew, the Pentagon begins looking for a captain believe to have been long dead.

Three Little Murders

by Phil Cohen

A disturbing twist on the traditional fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs.

Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer

Creators and Writers: Aradio Brothers
Illustration and Design: RC Aradio
Story: Dominic Aradio Jr. and Dante Giovanni

The Outlanders encounter a strange warrior from another world, with whom they must ally in order to defeat the horror following him. A Razorback Entertainment crossover story featuring Rifts®.

Artist Studio

on Oliver Wetter

Featuring nine femme fatales, including The Poisoned Apple, Spirit of the Crow, and Guitar Hero / Cable Girl.


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Under construction

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