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Rifts® Ultimate Edition

Rifts® World Book 20: Canada™


The term "Headhunter" has come to be the designation for most human mercenaries and bounty hunters.

A headhunter is a mercenary; a warrior-for-hire. However, a "true" headhunter is an expert in weapons and tracking. They are the die-hard men-of-arms who love the challenge of combat and the chance to cheat death. All they know is combat. They have fought all their lives and will die fighting. The headhunters credo is "Fight the good fight and die with the enemy's heart in your hand." A typical headhunter is armed to the teeth and complemented with cybernetics and/or bionics. Most of these mercenaries will accept any being, human or non-human, who demonstrates courage and the warrior spirit. Consequently, a group of headhunters is likely to be composed of a variety of humans, mutoids, aliens, dog boys, and even practitioners of magic. Although headhunters may allow men of magic to join their ranks, headhunters themselves seldom use magic or magic devices. The individual headhunter lives by his own code of ethics (determined by his/her alignment). The notoriously evil and self-serving (will work for anybody who is willing to pay the most) headhunters are the most talked about, but many headhunters are as noble and trustworthy as a cyber-knight. Most see themselves as freewheeling "ronin" samurai; nomadic warriors without any one master.

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Headhunter Variations

  • Headhunter - Techno-Warrior, "Standard" archetype for Headhunters.
  • Headhunter - Assassins, killers for hire.
  • Headhunter - Anti-Robot Specialist, focus their mechanical skills to destroying robots & power armor.
  • Headhunter - Techno Hound, partial Cyborgs that love, hunts, collects, repairs & trade tech items.
  • Mormano Headhunter, headhunters that specialize in dealing with supernatural creatures.


History of the Headhunter OCC.

Notable Members

List of notable membersof the Headhunter OCC.


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