Gunfighter O.C.C.
Vital statistics
Race Any psionic, non-supernatural
Gender Any
Government N/A
Leader N/A
Information N/A


Do not confuse the Gunfighter with the Gunslinger. The latter is a quick-draw shooter who specializes in the use of handguns and murder -- in many regards, he is a professional duelist and assassin.

The Gunfighter is a combination weapons master, marksman, mechanic (at least when it comes to weapons) and mercenary fighter. An expert in the use, handling, and repair of all types of weapons. Most are effectively Wild West mercenaries, although some dabble as gun dealers/smugglers and/or as military advisers for hire. Some become renowned heroes and lawmen, others drifters or outlaws. In some ways, the Gunfighter might be considered the New West version of a "Ronin," a masterless Samurai. A man or woman who is an expert in weapons, war, and fighting, but who has no one master or cause for which he fights, and who travels the vast wilderness in search of conflict where his or her expertise can be put to use. Most follow the Code of the New West as well as their own code of ethics, honor and professionalism, which again harkens back to the samurai or knight.

Generally speaking, Gunfighters are looked upon more favorably than Bounty Hunters, Gunslingers, or even mercenaries. They are often hired by towns, ranchers, wealthy business owners and lawmen as bodyguards, bouncers, town (or business) defenders, militia leaders and sheriffs deputies. Some Gunfighters even become Sheriffs or champions/defenders of a particular community. However, most are adventurers always on the prowl in search of action, challenge and profit using their wits and their guns. Many are addicted to excitement and travel. They enjoy new experiences and the thrill of adventure and combat. Unlike Bounty Hunters, most Gunfighters are much more discriminating about their employers and the terms of their employment. Many will not step beyond their own code of ethics, even when faced with death, and even defy or turn against and evil or dishonorable employer.