Major players are involved in operations to gain influence with minor players often at each others expense, such as has been done in the past:

Rifts versions of The Great Game continue to play out in rifts earth between the Coalition/NGR, and the Splugorth and other Alien Intelligencies who try to subvert the other various smaller and less powerful citystates that dot the wasteland of Rifts Earth.

North America

The Coalition

  • Chi-Town
  • Free Quebec
  • Iron Heart
  • Lone Star
  • Missouri
  • El Dorado
  • Minnesota (Occupied Territory)
Societies of Magic
  • Tolkeen
  • Lazlo
  • New Lazlo
  • City of Brass
  • Dweomer
  • Stormspire
  • Magestar
  • Cheyenne-Sioux Coalition
  • ARCHIE-3 and the Shemmarians
  • Ishpeming and Northern Gun
  • Manistique
  • Kingsdale
  • Tampico
  • Golden Age (Alabama)
  • Colorado Baronies
  • Free Quebec
  • Psyscape
  • The Pirate Kingdom of Montreal
  • The Fairie Kingdoms of Southern Newfoundland and New Brunswick


Map of North America

Rifts Atles v1 2

Rifts NA map

Rifts Points of Interest North America

Rifts North America Points of Interest

[Rifts NA Atlas v1.6]

Mexico/Central America

The Vampire Kingdoms

  • Ixzotz Kingdom
  • The Mexico Empire
  • Muluc Kingdom
  • Milta Kingdom
  • Chichen Itza


  • Tikal
  • Uaxactun
  • Xultun

Other Cities of Note

  • El Paso
  • Cuidad Juarez
  • Fort Reid
  • Palenque
  • Yaxchilan
  • Altun Ha
  • Rio Bec
  • Becan Cluster
  • Etzna
  • Uxmal
  • Merida
  • Copan
  • Belize City
  • Coba



Map of Atlantis

  • Splynn
  • Dragcona
  • Ki-Talan
  • Azlum
  • Xym
  • Alvurron
  • The Refuge
  • The Preserves

South America

  • Colombia
  • Haktla
  • Maga Island
  • Bahia
  • New Dracona
  • Manoa
  • Omagua
  • Cibola
  • Empire of the Sun
  • Arkhon Freehold
  • Megaversal Legion
  • Silver River Republics
    • Cordoba
    • Santiago
    • Achilles Republic
    • New Babylon
    • Southern Federation
    • Nuevo Peru


  • Phoenix Empire
  • N'beh of Tassili N'Ajjer
  • Gorth of Splynn
  • The Ancient Father Congo Millennium Tree
  • The City of Taunak
  • The Kalahari Oasis


  • The New Empire traditionalists of the Kyoto Millennium Tree
  • The Ichto Province
  • Otomo Shogunate
  • H-Brand Corporation Otomo Enclave
  • The Republic Of Japan


  • Old Sydney Town and the Eastern Humanity Republic of Australia
  • Ayers Rock Aborigones
  • The Hidden City Shadow People
  • Sterling
  • Trade Town
  • New Brisbane
  • Victoria Haven
  • Point Clare
  • Enclosed City of Melbourne
  • Enclosed City of Perth
  • Mokoloi Repile Men Tribes of the Northlands



  • London of Splynn
  • The Village of Sarum of Dorset England
  • The Goblin Kingdom of Newport Wales
  • The Dragon's Grave Scotland
  • The Kingdom of Tarramore Dublin Ireland
  • The Irish Faerie Hoards
  • Balfarg and The Tree of Ages the Scottish Millennium Trees
  • Nog Heng the English Millennum Tree
  • New Camelot of England
  • Nortown the English Faerie Kingdom
  • Berwynmoore Kingdom of Wiltshire England
  • Wales Monsterous Hordes
  • The Eternal City of Somerset England


  • Le Morte French Blood Druids
  • New German Republic (Germany and Denmark)
  • Gargoyle Empire (Austria and Switzerland)
  • Broadkil Empire (Poland and Czech Republic)
  • Scandinavian Alliance (Scandinavia)



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