Doctor Alexander is a cross-dimensional recurring character.

In 1993 the Heroes Unlimited sourcebook Villains Unlimited on page 193 mentions him as the mastermind "the Darkhold" nicknamed "the Monster Factory" which created giant humanoid mutant animals.

Those close to him say it seems like he was raised in a different world. He claimed to be from a similar dimension where a cosmic phenom turned the world over and explicitly mentioned Lone Star Laboratories. He was apparently killed in a raid.

In 1993 the Lone Star sourcebook (world book 13 for Rifts) on page 121 introduces a character named Frederick Alexander who works in the Lone Star Complex and is also called "Doctor Alexander".

His full name is Frederick Philip Alexander, Jr. indicating he had a father of the same name, Frederick Philip Alexander, Sr.. This may be the one who was lost through a Rift to Villains Unlimited.

The two have apparently different attitudes as Junior is opposed to creating mutant animals and is forced to as a slave, whereas the mastermind of the Darkhold willingly created mutant animals.

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