Rifts® Dimension Book™ 12: Dimensional Outbreak™ Cover

Rifts® Dimension Book™ Twelve


The battle between the two dimensions of Hell, Hades and Dyval, begins to tear apart the fabric of space and time and spill into Phase World® and the Three Galaxies™. A Dimension Book set in Phase World and the Three Galaxies.

  • More levels and secrets of Phase World® revealed!
  • More aliens, weapons, and gizmos fans will love.
  • Adventure, monsters, warring factions of Hell and fun!
  • Part Three of the Minion War series.
  • Artwork by Mike Mumah and others.
  • Cover painting by John Zeleznik.
  • Written by Carl Gleba.
  • 192 pages – Cat. No. 875.

Description and cover art from Palladium Books Web site, copyright 1992 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved. Rifts®, Megaverse® and Palladium Books® are registered trademarks of Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. All other titles and names are trademarks of Palladium Books.

ISBN-10: 052178672X
ISBN-13: 978-0521786720


Under Construction


Cover Painting:

Interior Art:


Under Construction


  • Under Construction
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