The most terrifying sight one can see is a force of Coalition flying troop transport vehicles. The huge vehicles are nearly 300 feet long (91.4 m) and are designed with the familiar deaths head visage. The versatile vehicle can attain speed of Mach One and slow to a complete stop to hover above a battlefield to allow troops to disembark.

Although quite powerful, the juggernaut is seldom used as an offensive weapon, but maintained as transport, rescue and support measure. The transport section of the vessel is the large, long portion that rests on a smaller saucer section. The lower flying saucer shaped section provides complete hover capabilities from a stationary hover from a few feet above the ground to maneuvering through a city or forest. The saucer also enables the transport to slow down and execute full 360 degree turn in seconds and vertical take offs and landings.

If necessary, the two sections can detach. The saucer will fall to earth or be set on automatic pilot to land at a predetermined rendezvous location. The main body still has its full speed, but its hover capabilities are greatly diminished. Vertical take offs and landings are no longer possible (an airstrip is needed), nor can the vessel preform quick turns or 360-degree turns/spins.

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