D-bees, or Dimensional Beings, are other, mortal or immortal beings that have come or been forced through the Rifts, or stumbled across one and went through. They are generally despised by Coalition citizens, even though most are just as "human" and just trying to make a new life in this world. Some have magic abilities, some have different genetics and physical structures, but most are just like alternate versions of humans, which they are. Shifters can summon D-bees through the Rifts, and bind them to their service, however, and this, alongside the demons, is what gives D-bees their bad reputation. Some D-bees are revered in a God-like status, though, particularly the Neemans. Defenders of justice and righteousness, the Neemans also were the source of the Glitter Boys. There are infinite variations of D-bees, with some common ones (although I do not know them by heart).


Rifts: Ultimate Edition

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