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The warriors known as "Crazies" are a cross between ninja masters and raving lunatics. They are trained warriors schooled in the arts of combat and athletics. Then they are augmented through the implantation of tiny electromagnetic devices placed in the brain.

The original project was developed in South America where scientists were experimenting with new methods of curing mental disorders caused by physical damage, such as brain tumors and scar tissue. They discovered a way to artificially stimulate the brain to countermand certain mental disorders and brain damage. Again, nano-technology made it possible to implant tiny devices directly into the brain to control its electrical impulses. Soon they found that they could also influence the performance of the physical body by controlling the motor section of the brain, etc. Pain can be virtually ignored, the healing process can be accelerated, and the body made to perform at an incredible level of efficiency. The brain implants and neurological stimulation also provided the surprising bonus of instilling or bringing out minor psionic abilities in all subjects.

Suddenly, the priority of finding medical cures was thrown out the door in favor of the more lucrative and spectacular developments in human augmentation. The project was renamed M.O.M. Works (Mind Over Matter). The goal, as with the Juicer, was to create the super human, except instead of chemical enhancement, the brain is effectively rewired to respond in a particular way.

Surprisingly, this augmentation works better on humans than on animals or even mutant animals. Unfortunately, the M.O.M conversion has a tendency to wear out the human body. But the worst side effect is that the subject becomes increasingly psychologically and/or emotionally unbalanced, hence the name "Crazies" (these characters are sometimes referred to as "Mamma Boys," a slang term derived from the M.O.M. acronym).

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