Description of the Special Forces O.C.C.

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The Special Forces of the CS military are considered top of the line soldiers. They come from all walks of CS life and command respect from all other lower ranks. Each member tends to specialize in one area or another. To be truly effective, they must work as a team. The most notable aspect of this O.C.C. is that any skill can be taken. Most also start off with advanced cybernetics and you can still roll for psionics. This class tends to be combat focused but the versatility is impressive. They can start off piloting advance special forces power armor with impressive skill.

Advise on Special Forces O.C.C.

For the players

It is important to take advantage of the versitility of this class. It might even prove usefull to cordinate the character creation. In a croup of four people, one could design a character as the team medic, another the weapon specialist, the next could be geared towards mechanics, and the final one could focus on communications. The idea would be to have each member be a specialist in a field. When they work together, they can each pull off feets the individual could never hope to see.

For the GM

If you want an easy way to introduce new players to experienced players, run a special forces game. The experienced players can guide the less experienced through the whole process. At the same time the new player can still feel like an essentual part of the team. If the GM wishes to use Special Forces as an NPC of choice, it would be wise to utilize them as anything but a random encounter. These forces are the top of line and don't go on missions without direct reason. For plot points, one could try having a team of Special Forces members take down the magic group. If all of your players or most of them are the Special Forces O.C.C. than a good mission to start them off would be to have them hunt down a high powered mage.

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