The necromancer is a practitioner of magic whose focus is on death. Necromancy is an obscure area of magic rarely found in North America, China and Australia. Even the vampire kingdoms of Mexico, magic users of Central and South America and the monsters of Atlantis stay clear of death magic.

    Necromancy is most common in Africa and southern Europe. The reason necromancy is so popular among these countries is due to the influence of Egypt and its insane Pharaoh Rama-set, the existence of many death cults, and the dominance of monster races and evil supernatural beings in these areas.

    Most necromancers are of an evil or selfish alignment and usually seek power over the living via their manipulation of the dead through magic. Many of the rituals are repulsive and involve working with the remains of the dead. A large part of the necromancer’s powers is the ability to animate, control and draw power from the remains of the dead and they’ll carry the remains of the dead such as, bones of skeletons, preserved claws, arms, hooves, wings, etc.

Typical sex and racial division among Necromancers

Humans - Males D-Bees - Males Elves - Males Ogres - Females


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