Body Fixer
Vital statistics
Race Any
Gender Any
Government Any but CS
Leader N/A
Information Rifts® Ultimate Edition™


Saying that a Body Fixer is just a doctor does a disservice to these brave men and women of this noble profession, and only tells part of their story. Body Fixer” is the slang term for a medical doctor (M.D.) in North America who performs medicine on anybody — human and nonhuman. That latter distinction makes the Body Fixers criminals, rogues and dissidents in the eyes of the Coalition States. Anybody caught harboring aiding and abetting a criminal of the State” — a distinction given to all D-Bees for not having been born human — is punishable by death! And that includes providing them with medical aid. Better to let a D-Bee die in the gutter than give “it” comfort or aid.

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