Bladed Weapons

In the world of Rifts Technology, there are simple blades which do damage to flesh and bone, but since everybody is wearing thick armor, technology has advanced to the point where a simple blade known as a Vibro-Blade can cut through steel like butter.

Concealed within the handle is a power supply and electronics which vibrate the blade at hypersonic speeds which enables it to cut through dense materials.

Weapon Book page
Vibro-knife Rifts 205
Vibro-Saber (Short Sword) Rifts 205
Vibro-Sword (Long Sword) Rifts 205
Giant Sized Vibro Sword (For Power Armor or Robot Vehicle) Coalition War Campaign 99
Vibro Claws (Forearm Gauntlet) Coalition War Campaign 99
Vibro-Claws (Retractible Cybernetic) Rifts 241

According to the supplemental Coalition War Machine, "...Vibro-blades are blade weapons surrounded by an invisible, high-frequency energy field that gives them mega-damage capabilities."

Personally, I like to think of it like an electric knife with the two reciprocating blades that enable it to easily cut through bread and meat... but in this instance, the single blade vibrates, but achieves the same effect, allowing it to cut through body armor.

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