Beyond Arcanum is an upcoming Beyond the Supernatural sourcebook.

Official description

Beyond Arcanum™ For Beyond the Supernatural™ Magic is a choice, and those who choose it are often led down a dark and dangerous path. To stay virtuous can be a difficult task. Here again, there will be a new and sinister twist on how magic works in the modern setting, who is really in control of its power, and how its secrets can be used for good or evil. In addition, Beyond Arcanum will include places of power, ancient artifacts, charms, mystic relics, cursed items and more. The Arcanist O.C.C. and other practitioners of magic. Magic spells designed for the BTS setting. Magic rituals, weapons, charms and artifacts. Ancient secrets and places of magic. Spectacular artwork by Dubisch and Russell. Plenty of ideas and inspiration for adventures. Written by Kevin Siembieda. Cat. No. 703.

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