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Rifts® World Book Twenty Eight


Arzno™ Vampire Incursion™

Mercenaries and vampires! What else could anyone ask for? Actually, Jason gives you plenty more.

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Limited Edition Map Pack

At the 2006 Palladium Open House, Jason offered some limited-edition maps and descriptions to complement Rifts World Book 28: Arzno - Vampire Incursion. There were a few left and were made available to those that didn't get the chance to make it to the Open House. It included seven maps printed on high-quality, durable cardstock. Every map was to scale, and each signed and numbered.

Maps include:

  • Regional overview of Arizona (as seen on p. 10 of Rifts: Arzno)
  • Layout of the Grand Canyon (expanded from the map found on p. 31 of Rifts: Arzno)
  • Arzno city overview (expanded from the map found on p. 39 of Rifts: Arzno)
  • Map of a portion of the city's Mercenary Section (as seen on p. 45 of Rifts: Arzno)
  • Map of a portion of the city's Government and Trade Section (as seen on p. 52 of Rifts: Arzno)
  • Map of a portion of the city's Residential Section (NEW)
  • Map of a portion of the city's Sky Docks (NEW)

Bound in a handsome folder with a color cover (signed and numbered) is a full listing of each and every Place of Note for the city of Arzno as found in World Book 28. Beyond that, you get 50 new Places of Note within the Residential Section and the Sky Docks, giving your players new places to live, visit, explore, find employment, or generally get into trouble. This expansion will never see print in any Palladium publication, ever. Don't miss this unique opportunity to own such an exclusive gaming reference.

Cost of this bound, 18-page, signed and numbered, limited edition collection was $15, plus shipping. A portion of the total sales was donated to help Save Palladium!


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